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Slices (210x125x25)mm

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£40 for 10kg, 1KG slice is 210x125x25 mm. This largest slice  and most regularly used for temperature control applications:

Ø       Temperature controlled logistics

Ø       Airline Catering

Ø       Special effects

Ø       Cold grinding

The minimum order slice is 10kg pack, pack branded together for easy handling, each slice is individually enveloped within a sleeve for easy handling and then placed into a specially designed container.


We accept any quantity order in increments of 10kg, for bulk order please contact us on 020 7164 6436

How to order dry ice slice: We accept orders over the phone, just dial 020 7164 6436 and let us know your requirements, we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, email:

To guarantee next working day delivery, place your order by 2PM.

We offer delivery single or multiple sites, before 0900, 1030 and by noon between Monday to Saturday, same day deliveries and for Sunday delivery please contact us on 020 7164 6436.

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